UNDER THE MOONLIGHT is a 2D puzzle maze game. You play as a werewolf who transforms when the moonlight hits them. This game is being developed for the GMTK 2020 Game jam. Enjoy!


Reach the exit!


Movement - WASD or Arrow Keys 


Allison Antisdel - Art

Ryan Antisdel - Voice Acting

Alex Cline - Design/Programming

Steven Drovie - Design/Programming

Install instructions

Downloaded version may work better on some computers.

1. Download file

2. Unzip folder

3. Run the game


Under The Moonlight - Windows 30 MB
Under The Moonlight - Mac OSX 30 MB
Under The Moonlight - Linux 31 MB
UnderTheMoonlight - Windows (GMTK2020 Jam Submission) 29 MB

Development log


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Super great game guys! Really enjoyed the level design and mechanics. Reminds me a lot of the team rocket hide out spinny floor puzzles. Hope you had as much making this as I did playing it!

Thanks my dude!


Do you have a web version? the page is stuck at "Loading game for the first time..."

We uploaded a webGL build and we're not sure why it's suck like that.
If you're interested in playing, I recommend downloading the Windows build.